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  • FishTX wrote: »
    A person can forget a lot of experiences until reminder comes along. I added Deep Purple after Kuni's post, now I need to add Moody Blues thanks to Yat.

    Yea much like a reverse flashback.
  • MicropterusMicropterus Junior Member Posts: 27 Junior Member
    Top 3 in no particular order.
    Rush Montreal Forum.
    Dead Greensboro Coliseum
    Tragically Hip/Eric Johnson somewhere in Norfolk VA.
    Each was special in its own way.
  • BushartBushart Senior Member Posts: 3,041 Senior Member
    Seen a few over time

    Out of Blue tour (spaceship) with Meatloaf opening act

    Neil Young ---2x with Crazy horse....1x with International Harvesters...2x solo

    Genesis---Abacab tour

    Yes---just a tour

    Peter Gabriel


    The Stampeders---70's Canadian band

    Matt Good

    And Stage version of Jesus Christ Superstar
  • ouzelproouzelpro Senior Member Posts: 5,361 Senior Member
    I've seen lots of bands; most memorable:

    -Jerry Jeff Walker stumbles onstage in only BVDs and cowboy boots, tries to sit on a bar stool for his set, falls off, passes out. Awesome show!

    -Dylan with The Band at the University of Texas.

    -Chicago opening for Hendrix.

    -Townes Van Zandt at the Sand Mountain in Houston.

    -Almond Brothers at Paolo Soleri in Santa Fe about 8 years ago. Perfect set. The Elders from the Eight Northern Pueblos got to sit with the band onstage.

    -Little Feat with Lowell George, in Austin, TX.

    -Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughn, with their band Double Trouble, every Weds. (1975?) night at Hole in the Wall, Austin.

    -The Uranium Savages and Balcones Fault at Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin.

    all the other bands were good, too.
  • FlykuniFlykuni Senior Member Posts: 799 Senior Member
    Allman Bros, **** hippie.
  • ouzelproouzelpro Senior Member Posts: 5,361 Senior Member
    Flykuni wrote: »
    Allman Bros, **** hippie.

    Almond, Allman. Dude...

    "Hey man, nice marmot."
  • George KGeorge K Super Moderator Posts: 10,904 Senior Member
    magalloway wrote: »
    No Fuggs?


    Never saw them live, but have their first two recordings.
    "...this low-rent Lear raging on his Twitter-heath has proven that the phrase malignant buffoon is not an oxymoron..."

    George Will
  • FlykuniFlykuni Senior Member Posts: 799 Senior Member
    ouzelpro wrote: »
    Almond, Allman. Dude...

    "Hey man, nice marmot."

    Altho Mark Almond put out some nice grooves.
  • yataheyyatahey Senior Member Posts: 5,605 Senior Member
    Peter Paul Almond & the Mounds were a one hit wonder.
    "When the goin gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson
  • FlykuniFlykuni Senior Member Posts: 799 Senior Member
    Wil never forget the coed in Advanced Poetry class, wore black t-shirt, across chest area was

    Mounds, Indescribably Delicious.
  • NIce! Just the kind I liked. Up front and to the point.

  • HextallHextall Senior Member Posts: 9,520 Senior Member
    Memorable shows for me:
    - I've been to many They Might Be Giants concerts (will be going to another probably next month). Everyone has been a blast, but that's more because everyone there pretty much knows the words to every song. They also recorded this video at the show I saw a year and a half or so ago (I think I can make myself out in the crowd right at the end)

    The idea for the video was that everyone was to be absolutely silent and not move, and John F. would record the audience, then the band. But some jackhole yelled (minute 2:21) "You SUCK!" right at the point the clip stopped and sort of ruined it. Here's John F. of TMBG filming the above video (rewind to see his explanation and gag setup): http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=qwMKtv2ACok#t=126s

    - Lyle Lovett put on a really good show
    - I saw King Missile (of Detachable **** fame) in a dive bar in Albany, NY. After the show, the lead singer was next door getting a slice of pizza, and my buddy and I stared at him expressionlessly through the window and freaked him out so much he ran down the street.
    - Both the Achtung Baby and Zooropa shows by U2 were visually pretty cool. My girlfriend at the time pushed her way to the stage (Achtung Baby) where they walk out over a runway through the crowd and play some accoustic song, jumped up and touched Bono's foot. She also cracked a rib doing it. She was a good egg. I went to a show for their next tour, and it didn't measure up to those two.
    - Metallica was really fun and loud.
    - I fell asleep on the lawn at the outdoor theatre in Saratoga, NY during a Peter Gabriel show. I was hammered.
    - I fell asleep at a Grateful Dead show because I was bored.

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