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Minor variation on the Gartside Sparrow; use the butt ends (wrapped) of the marabou for the body, palmered with grizzly dyed olive hackle. Don't fish streamers that much any more, but last time I checked, it still got the fishes interest. Have had real good luck with this for trout in the east and west; smallies like it, too. Named after my neighbor, who first showed it to me after (not before, mind you *;) ) he absolutely schooled a number of supposedly wary trout on a well-known PA spring creek with this fly.

hook - Mustad 36890 #6 (salmon hook not required but makes it look a bit classier)
thread - UTC 160 *olive-brown
tail - marabou blood olive
body - butt ends of marabou, wrapped
rib - copper wire small
body hackle - saddle olive/grizzly
collar hackle - pheasant rump
head - pheasant aftershaft feather

attach thread to hook, wrap back to the bend, tying wire rib in


tie in marabou feather, let the tail extend about 1 shank length


grab butt ends (the feather's, not yours) & twist into a rope/chenille


wrap forward and tie off at head. Chuck's original was tied with a floss body, which made for a skinny fly. I like it a bit meatier so go with the marabou, the same way I tie most of my Buggers (actually the fly up to the pheasant rump collar is pretty much a ****); also makes for a faster tie.


tie in saddle hackle (webbier the better) at head


wrap back to the tail


then wrap wire rib forward through hackle (trim hackle at tail and wire at front)


prep a pheasant rump feather, stripping away excess fuzz


then pull back feather barbules leaving a few at the tip for tie-in


tie in rump feather at tip with dull side up (don't trim it until the feather's been wrapped; otherwise it may pull out)


wet fingers, stroke fibers back


wrap rump feather forward and tie off


split thread (UTC is great for this app)


insert aftershaft feather (makes it a bit more durable)


spin loop to trap feather & create "chenille"


wet fingers, stroke chenille back, wrap forward


tie off at head and brush with Miss Sally


finished fly


Pretty easy fly to tie and ugly ones work just as well as "keepers". Tan, brown and black have been good colors, too.

They say the times are changing but I just don't know


  • ricinusricinus Senior Member Posts: 6,214 Senior Member
    Nice fly, would work in stillwaters too...

    My new goal in life is to become an Alter Kaker...
  • magallowaymagalloway Senior Member Posts: 885 Senior Member
    Nice fly, Scott. My only question is, what kind of terminal rig do you use to fling it/sink it to its effective zone as a streamer?

  • ScottPScottP Senior Member Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Most of the streams I fished it on were pretty small so I didn't really need to much of anything. The times I fished it on some Blackfeet lakes I used a full-sink (think it was a type 6) and just did the count-down 'till I hit weeds or it got bit. I was out there in mid-summer when the fish were usually deep; if I could have fished after ice-out I probably could have gone with floating or intermediate line. I guess you could weight the fly - lead or lead-free wraps, conehead, dumbell eyes, etc.

    They say the times are changing but I just don't know

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