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George KGeorge K Super ModeratorPosts: 11,653 Senior Member

Here are three I might sample just for old times sake.

"Musicians and booze have long gone together, and in the last few years acts from the Pogues to Drake have put their names on whiskey bottles. This year, Bob Dylan joins them with his own brand, Heaven’s Door, beginning with a seven-year-old bourbon, a “double-barreled” American whiskey and a rye finished in French Vosges oak barrels..."


https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/28/business/media/bob-dylan-heavens-door.html?action=click&contentCollection=Business Day&module=RelatedCoverage&region=Marginalia&pgtype=article

The GOP big tent now is the size of a pup tent, its floor splattered with guano.


  • jbillyjbilly Senior Member Posts: 6,012 Senior Member

    I wonder what distillery(ies) he gets it from? I'll try just about any bourbon so bring it on.

    Right now a group of buddies and I are making plans to go to Louisville this fall and do a distillery tour. Taking any and all recommendations you folks might have (we are likely doing 4 roses and Makers, but open to suggestions) .

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    I like how they wrote 'put their names' on whiskey bottles...because I've seen shows where some of them have done it and its kinda just the reverse of being paid by someone who wants to use their name for advertising, in that instead of the artist or celebrity being approached by a business or marketing firm the artist/celebrity or one of their employees reaches out to businesses to find somebody willing to put the artist's/celebrity's on their product or service for a percentage of sales.

    And that's basically all they do and the business handles everything else. In the case of liquor they might tweek the recipe a little to give it some character they can tie in with the artist/celebrity, or maybe not. They might have the artist/celebrity come down and taste and see the final product before running a production batch and shipping it out, or they might just ship some to the artist/celebrity at the same time the product hits stores or maybe not, they might coordinate a launch party at some event like Spirits World or that the artist/celebrity can show up at for a couple hours and present it and then they'll shoot all the marketing photos and videos at the same time or there might not even be any.

    One of the celebrities that has a whole line of liquors and mixed beverages didn't do anything at all, except have the manager of their 'adult beverages' wing contact a large batch distillery in Amatitan-Tequila Valley in Jalisco and make business arrangements for them to produce a batch bottled with their brand's label on the side and then ship them to the distributor they use in the United States. The only thing the celebrity did anything was when they, some family members, and some friends showed up at the distillery to shoot photos and vid right before the bottles were going to be put on store shelves and appear in some restaurant bars with drink specials using the tequila and a couple of their other liquors appearing on the menus.

    They might do little to nothing at all but it sure is fun watching them strut around talking about 'their liquor' like they had!

  • George KGeorge K Super Moderator Posts: 11,653 Senior Member

    @jbilly said:
    I wonder what distillery(ies) he gets it from? I'll try just about any bourbon so bring it on.

    Right now a group of buddies and I are making plans to go to Louisville this fall and do a distillery tour. Taking any and all recommendations you folks might have (we are likely doing 4 roses and Makers, but open to suggestions) .

    I enjoyed the Heaven Hill multi-brand tasting, particularly Old Fitzgerald even though it is a wheated bourbon and I usually prefer ones with high rye content.

    At Four Roses all they had on offer after the tour was their base level bourbon, which we did not like. The better stuff gets good comments here and elsewhere.

    The GOP big tent now is the size of a pup tent, its floor splattered with guano.
  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Are you getting a percentage of the take from the links you post? Apparently I've used up all my free introductory offer NYTIMEs viewing priveleges on other links that sent me there and now they want me to pay!

    But I was able to read enough information to find out that Bob Dylan has a partner in 'his' whiskey business. According to the website of the corporation his partner owns and heads, Marc Bushala is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in creating and building businesses in the real estate, marketing services, media, food and beverage, and entertainment sectors in the United States and across Europe. In '89 he formed a company specializing in database management of the commercial property folios of fortune 1,000 companies. His background in property development includes commercial, residential, and industrial properties including the development, marketing, and leasing of many of the first modern office buildings in central and between 1990 and 1994. In 1994 he partnered with well known music artist and actor Sir Bob Geldof to found United Entertainment Group and United Entertainment Company which specialize in the creation and operation of entertainment and media enterprises in Europe such as the first native language music channel in Poland-Romania, as well as a pop culture magazine, theme restaurants, and family entertainment centers. After founding many international and global business ventures he founded Angel's Share Brands which created and marketed a super premium bourbon and Rye caled Angel's Envy. He is also a managing partner of Liquid Assets Brands which advises and makes investments in early development spirits businesses, and a board member of Spirits Investment Partnership which manages and invests in spirits busineses.

    Wonder who contacted who regarding Bob Dylan jumping into the newly popular and lucrative celebrity spirits market? And isn't it convenient he wrote songs with titles absolutely perfect for whiskies?

    Back in the 70s and 80s my dad collected special 'collectors' bottles of Jim Beam....he had the one with the illustration of the cardinal, the Elk, the ducks, the geese, some of the ones with the Kentucky Derby Winners illustrations, some with illustrations of ocean sport fish on them, some with Norma Rockwell illustrations on the front, some with some of Remington's old west cowboy illustrations on the front...and he had some in shapes...there was a surrealistic cat shaped bottle, a bald eagle, a pheasant, a bowling pin, an indy car, a nascar, 1969 Hugger orange Camaro SS, a 1978 Indy Pace Car Corvette......had em all lined up like trophies all across the top of three 6 foot tall 4 foot wide bookshelves at one end of the large open family room dining room in the house over the lake we moved into summer before my senior year....and they lived in until following my sister and her husband and four boys north to Cedar Park.....he drank on occasion....like maybe a drink or two every couple months or more....he just was into collecting things...I was too....always have been....

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    AC/DC, Justin Timberlake, Drew Barrymore, George Clooney, Hanson (the band), Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, Ludacris, Brangelina, Sean Combs, Danny Devito, Kenny Chesney, Bethany Frankel, Bon Jovi, Marilyn Manson, Willie Nelson, Dan Akroyd, Dave Matthews, Fergie, Cee Lo Creen. Pitbull, Sammy Hagar, Jimmy Buffet, Joe Montana, Billy Gibbons (ZZTOP if you missed the first five years of MTV), Bill Murray, Mikhail Barsyhnikov, and more have all launched their own adult beverage brands....especially good for letting people know what you're into without being ostentatious....so doing your best John Wayne walk swagger up to the bar and loudly announce.....'I need a Skinny Girl, wet, extra dirty, on the rocks!'....

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