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Korean Peace

EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member
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Here's what I think....China has been a more or less homologous civilization for thousands of years. They've amassed control of vast amounts of land an ocean. They've rapidly risen to be the second largest economy in the world. As a people they comprise one fifth or 20% of the global population, yet economically they are second place to a country that comprises only 5% of the global population, their chief economic and strategic opponent, the United States, a country that is younger than the span of rule o several family dynasties have held in China. Time is relative, to China a century is one shake of a lambs tail, a sneeze, a blink of an eye.

China is, as they have been for a long, long time, focused on rising to the top economically and strategically in the world. They've intentionally developed partnerships where it benefits them like everybody else. Korea was one of the dependent children for strategic reasons of where Korea sits both geographically, ideologically, politically, and just generally the grand scheme of things. They isolate South Korea and their ally the United States, out on the peninsula. China would love nothing more than to send the United States back home, but the best way to do it would be to not do it in an overtly aggressive manner, since all that globalization finance economic trade dependency etc stuff....in fact the best way to do it would be to appear to have not had any hand in it at all....

Thus here's my theory.....North Korea is the tool they will use to launch their long term plan...first step....create the illusion of great animosity and acrimony between North Korea and the United States.....next trick the United States into thinking their efforts on the peninsula has forced North Korea to capitulate so they don't see the plan within the plan....next North Korea reaches out to talk with the United States but doesn't wait or include them as they make the first move and walk right over the line and announce peace between the Koreas....obviously the United States was not included or needed at all...cut out...excluded...made to look like they were the problem the Koreas didn't do this long ago....maybe deliberately so that the United States could keep using South Korea to have large military presence in the region?.......that would be awesome.....next South Korea reaps great benefit from the new relationship with North Korea....great gobs of FDI flows from South Korea to North Korea....factories open...corporations form...a vast labor force is now open to them.....Korean stock indicies rise to the tops of markets....and THERE IS NOT ONLY NO NEED FOR THE CURRENTLY PUBLICALLY UNPOPULAR UNITED STATES MILITARY TO BE THERE....BUT THE UNITED STATES IS EVEN MORE UNPOPULAR THAN EVER....people line the streets burning flags and effigies...political candidates campaign with anti United States sentiments....OUT WE GO...we can't stay on soil where we are strongly not wanted...and not only have we lost great gobs of strategic power...its going to hurt us economically soon....

And to the rest of the world....it can be claimed by China....HEY....We had nothing to do with this....it was between y'all.....snarkily and with a smirk!

Probably nothing we could have done about it anyway....


  • creekyguycreekyguy Posts: 361 Senior Member

    Any country that wants something from Uncle Sam should be angling NOW with the Rube-in-chief in office.

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Yeah...Trump's a Rube...but in this case he did inherit what his predecessors had left him...and I don't see that there's anything anybody could have done about it except maybe try to get in there and be first in a lot of things so that other's weren't.....like I said....China as a homologous people has been around for thousands of years.....there's 1.5 billion of them....they pretty much own the lower right hand quarter of the continent and have claimed/are claiming most the water around it....they've quickly risen to the second largest economy in the world....largely thanks to us using their labor and buying everything they're willing to sell and borrowing and allowing them to buy up tons of our debt.....and if North Korea is no threat...the Koreas are at peace and singing songs and holding hands in the shower in the wee hours of the morning....there's no reason for a currently publically unpopular US to be there anymore....and if they can perpetuate and enhance the old story of it is and was the United States all along....further exacerbating the situation just to keep their military presence in the region.....then the unpopularity will soon to to hatred....the did it all on their own....we were lying or wrong all along....THEY ARE NOW THEY...ONE PEOPLE! Asian countries are going to be the next EU....can't sell there unless you make there...can only sell amongst ourselves....must accept immigrants....displaced peoples...use the same currency....allow free migration across borders....pay your club dues and fees....there's 1.5 plus billion of them....20% of the population....there is no moral ground to stand on to deny them 20% of the worlds resources and energy....NONE!

    Next up? Okinawa!

    Its what I would have done! Seriously! I've been thinking and saying that all along! I've been telling people that's what's really going on all along! Plans within plans...layers within layers....it reeked of a setup! It was the long con.....

    But there was nothing anybody could do about it....except try and get in there first....or spin it....that's the spin I'm suspecting America is going to take now....We did this! We did this for the peeps of Korea!

    Wrong...we were pulled along by a ring in our nose....plans within plans..layers within layers...they didn't read the book...they wrote it!

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