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Is it Stormfront or is it ****'s?

sherbsherb Senior MemberPosts: 6,446 Senior Member

Tough call on this one.


  • sherbsherb Senior Member Posts: 6,446 Senior Member

    really? S-J-W is a banned word?

    By the way, Spanish is a European language.

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Well....I personally think that learning to speak Spanish is a lot different than the cultural appropriate that one could claim occurs when a white kid from Kansas puts on a charro suit, picks up a guitarron, and starts playing and singing mariachi.....after all....Spaniards, Hispanics, and many Europeans often learn two or more other languages as well...its a matter of pragmatism...of being able to communicate with each other when you co-mingle on large scale....like....down here in southern and central Texas....its not about 'appropriation' of nothing....its about being able to communicate with the 'other half' of the people around you who speak a different language.....its why I learned took four semesters of Spanish even though some of my most favorite things (food, wine, movies, art, etc) are French or Northwest European! I do love some Spanish foods, especially anything with pimenton de la vera (sweet mild smoked Spanish Paprika) in it.....I'm a chorizo fiend...which also means I'm pretty much a fiend for any sausage or cured meat similar to chorizo no matter where it comes from....Spain, Portugal, North Africa (Merguez), Mexico and other parts of latin America, and several countries in South America where its often served grilled in a bun with chimichurri sauce (choripan) and at South American sporting events is the equivalent of the hot dog in the US. I love them, love chimichurri, love garlic, shallots, chile and herbs in olive oil.....often eat it on my grilled steaks!

    I don't appropriate nothing...I'm ruled by pragmatism...in just about everything....what I wear is comfortable, durable, quick to put on, easy to care for, practical for whatever temp in whatever weather in whatever season....most the time its flipees, shorts, and pocket tees....sometimes flipees, jeans, and silk Hawaiian shirts (I'm 1/2 sooooo if I hadn't worn them since birth for other reasons they would be culturally appropriate)....I was in scouting most my childhood and was into camping and backpacking and fishing and flyfishing and I've lived in Colorado for many years and wore what was best for the weather and what I was doing and I was very active in outdoor pursuits...lived on Connecticut and for the same reasons wore the same things....I've done FFA and rode bulls before the other movie that ruined everyting (urban cowboy) and was in FFA and did line dancing in huge dancehalls and have had horses and lived on ranches and had horse property...so I've got some hats and boots and spurs and gear laying around....my wife has been executive level staff at state universities most of her career and I've got tuxes and J Ried of Santa Fe buttons and cuffs and heffalump Lucchese boots and sport coats and slacks and....because I needed to.....

    I play guitar, I like all kinds of guitar music, I am interested in playing all kinds of guitar music....different kinds of music from all around the world....not because I'm appropriating anybody else's culture...but because I like the ay it sounds...and its just all part of the challenge and sense of accomplishment to learn and be able to do something new and usually very challenging....I don't buy no three chord strum books.....I wanna play the real, serious stuff....AND...have no desire to play in front of or let anybody else know about it...no reason not to its just that its got nothing to do with it....

    I don't know.... to me 'appropriation' to me in this regard always seems to mean people taking on specific types of cultural components from cultures outside their own and then walking around displaying them as part of their identity......

    Learning to speak a language might be one of them....if that was your intention to begin with....but learning to speak it so that you can interact with people who speak it....especially in a community, region, or country where a large number of the population also speaks it.....that's not appropriation....that's simply pragmatism! You work, shop, eat, conduct business, live, recreate, etc ad infinitum in your 'community'....you NEED to be able to communicate with others if you want to interact at certain levels and do so effectively....that's all it is!

    Now...if I....a northwestern European Polynesian went down on Broadway to the Selena store and bought one of her creations and started singing Tejano and talking like Cartman's hand puppet "Hennifer Lopez'.....that would probably be cultural 'appropriation'....

    If I lived in Toronto or Montreal I'd have taken French! There's only like .3 percent of the population of the United States that speak French at home!

    In south and central Texas Spanish is everywhere!

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    BTW....Hispanics (white and otherwise) comprise 62% of the population here...Non-hispanic whites are only 26%......ergo...thus...viola...aint no white kids appropriating the culture of a minority by learning Spanish around here.....THEY ARE THE MINORITY....AND THEY'RE JUST TRYING TO FIT IN!

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Heck...some colleges and universities only teach spanish! So you don't have a choice anyway!

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member


    Most these kids screaming about white kids wearing dreds and/or acting rasta being cultural appropriators....need to go back and check on where the ORs....Original Rastas...got their stuff from! Most the components of their religion, even their dreds! Wasn't from Jamaica....no...it was some peeps north east of there....over on the continent!

  • MikeAMikeA Senior Member Posts: 6,255 Senior Member
  • sherbsherb Senior Member Posts: 6,446 Senior Member

    @MikeA said:
    TKP effect.


    I knew this board would die sometime. I just didn't expect Kanolas verbosity to kill it.

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    @sherb said:

    @MikeA said:
    TKP effect.


    I knew this board would die sometime. I just didn't expect Kanolas verbosity to kill it.

    I've never quite understood how people can claim to have such high levels of self determination and then blame what is a completely voluntary choice on somebody else...but then again human life is full of more illogical contradictions than you anybody can count so I never spend much more than the involuntary realization of another one thinking about any of them. Its just how they are, and I was born very much like a Taoist, and that's 'the way' it is!

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