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EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

60% of Lake Tahoe his dried up!ahoe

Wait....60% of Lake Tahoe' peak after being dammed up has dried up.....SO THAT NOW....the old west town of St Thomas has reemerged for the fist time since 1939....

INTERPRETATION: Lake Tahoe's peak natural level was 60% lower than its peak post 1936 when it was dammed up and swallowed St Thomas.....

IMPLICATION: If the monkies hadn't bred like viruses and consumed up everything until it was all gone....Lake Tahoe wouldn't be 60% depleted...it would be full and normal flowing and everything would be fine!

US Populaton 1936: 128 Million US Populaton today: 330 million!

Do you know how wonderful it could be if we had all our knowledge and capabilities we have today with apopulation of only 128 million? We'd all be lying in great naked copulating piles supping ambrosia and fine three wood single malts out on the Elysian fields!

Advocate for vasectomies and hysterectomies worldwide! We can reverse the extinction of species and chocking out of the oceans and destruction of atmosphere with just a couple snips in an outpatient clinic today!


  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    And we wouldn't be so susceptible to people being sold a bag of socks about how technocracy can fix the inescapably inevitible by giving everybody a voucher for their fair share of sunlight hitting the earth every day!

  • jbillyjbilly Senior Member Posts: 6,013 Senior Member

    Why did I read this I don’t know. But it contains zero facts. Lake Tahoe is currently near capacity. It’s well over it’s natural rim. And further more it’s not too far near it’s legal capacity. Granted the snow pack sucks. But much like last year I’d expect it to be right near capacity at some point this summer.

    You can google “Lake Tahoe water level” and get the current usgs data

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Stupid news....the headline and article said Lake Tahoe...it was Lake Mead.....and apparently the resurfacing of the town due to Lake Mead being 'historically low' is not 'news' either...the old west ghost town of St Thomas, Nevada has been exposed for a while....

    Stupid news! Oh well...it just goes to show...

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Oh man....I really blew it....I got totally annihilated and totally misread something...and not only was it not a news article....it clearly said Lake Mead down 60% town of St Thomas reappears....

    But everything else is still applicable....since Hoover dam was completed in 1936 when the population was 128 mil...and one of the two causes for the lake being down is increased demand for water due to population expansion...most notably the Population of Las Vegas and surrounding areas and the 'other' things Las Vegas uses the water for....namely...people handing their money over to gambling and resorts.....by the trainloads.....

    Next question....how much of the water used to cool electricity generating equipment is consumed (not returned to the surface water reservoirs that it comes form)?

    OH SNAP.....I need to say off the computer....I'm contributing to the generation of green house gases, depletion of resources, and consumption of water....

    But I got my vasectomy! 20 years ago.

    Laters tators!

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