U.S. needs more tradespeople


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    So true! We’re becoming totally dependent on other countries for everything. EVERYTHING! I was scrolling through the news on my drive to work this morning and I hit CNN. They were with several guest bashing the Prez over the tariff deal. He’s living in the past, those jobs aren’t coming back, automation taking it over anyway, bla bla bla. Unlimited reasons why it won’t work but zero alternative plans. You know what else isn’t working? Not doing anything. It’s refreshing to have a president actually follow through on his campaign promises. As to the living in the past comments, all it would take is another world war and we’ll be sent back 100 years or maybe to the stone age if we aren’t prepared. Having a healthy steel industry is a good step towards being prepared…

  • MikeAMikeA Senior Member Posts: 2,919 Senior Member

    My liberal friends all jumped on the Electrolux comapny halting an expansion due to the Tariff. I applauded then on finally noticing the blue collar worker. About several million jobs late.

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