Wet Wading

ricinusricinus Senior MemberPosts: 6,214 Senior Member
Curious to know what you wear for footwear when wet wading. I've always worn waders mainly for the support in the wading boots and the water temperature, but might try something different this year.

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  • GoldenladleGoldenladle Super Moderator Posts: 3,787 Senior Member
    I've always just wear neoprene socks and wading boots. I wet wade a lot and have learned that one must wash your neoprene once in a while...

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  • ricinusricinus Senior Member Posts: 6,214 Senior Member
    The washing certainly goes for waders also..

    My new goal in life is to become an Alter Kaker...
  • Slice!Slice! Junior Member Posts: 26 Junior Member
    neoprene socks and wading boots.. or just Keen sandals... the ones with covered toes.
  • JLTJLT Senior Member Posts: 484 Senior Member
    I wear the dive boots I wear with dive fins in my kick boat.
  • Shawn C.Shawn C. Senior Member Posts: 5,616 Senior Member
    You can pick up neoprene booties made for wet wading for about US$20. They tend to be a bit thinner than the neoprene in the waders themselves, so keep that in mind.
    I also bought Simms' Stream Tread Sandal late last year on sale but have yet to try them.
  • ricinusricinus Senior Member Posts: 6,214 Senior Member
    I'm going to try the neoprene socks in my wading boots.

    Those Simms look interesting Shawn, I have to look for them..

    My new goal in life is to become an Alter Kaker...
  • Bubba FinghasBubba Finghas Senior Member Posts: 145 Senior Member
    Bought a pair of Simms' Stream Tread Sandal last summer , just be sure to wear them on pavement for a few days before hitting the water , seems that mine had a release agent coating the bottom and was NOT grippy at all , fast forward a year later with some fishing time and social wear and they totally rock..
  • flytrapflytrap Banned Posts: 1,659 Senior Member
    Old sandals with hexhead screws in the sole for traction.
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  • kburgertkburgert Posts: 1 Junior Member

    I'm also a big fan of Tevas when there isn't a lot of sand/grit where you're wading. Easy to take off and dry your feet out when you're not in the water, and not quite as clunky as full boots.

  • Chief57Chief57 Posts: 2 Junior Member

    Recently bought some Cabela's brand neoprene wading boots, and I couldn't be happier. Easy on and off, and pretty good grip on stones. I think they were $39. For me, this is a big improvement over sandals....no more pebbles stuck beneath my feet.

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