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Just watched "The Master"

Shawn C.Shawn C. Senior MemberPosts: 7,027 Senior Member
I have yet to see Lincoln, but Daniel Day Lewis must have been pretty goddamned great to take the Oscar away from Joaquin Phoenix. Wow, what an actor! A simply incredible performance and the best I have seen in a while. Probably the best since Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood. The movie was a bit odd, but I'm still kind of processing it. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was exceptional as well. I like movies that leave me not knowing what or how to feel.
Wondering what everyone else thought about this film and Phoenix's performance.


  • JulietJuliet Posts: 49,774 Senior Member
    "The Master" didn't follow the conventional story line with a heroic character. Both characters were awful human beings. I kept waiting for Joaquin's character to kill Hoffman's character. A study in dysfunctional codependency.
  • breamfisherbreamfisher Senior Member Posts: 6,318 Senior Member
    Given that "The Master" is about a Scientology-esque religion, and how many of Hollywood's elite are Scientologists, the chances of that movie doing well at an awards show are pretty nil. It's all part of the Scientology hegemony of the entertainment industry. There should be an independent investigation.
  • JulietJuliet Posts: 49,774 Senior Member
    I nominate Ed!
  • ouzelproouzelpro Senior Member Posts: 5,361 Senior Member
    I haven't seen it yet, but plan to. My wife refuses to see it, she suspects that she has known a few people like the characters.
  • yataheyyatahey Senior Member Posts: 5,605 Senior Member
    Is Salty in this movie?
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  • creekguycreekguy Senior Member Posts: 4,374 Senior Member
    The Master opened in Denver at a few main theaters, and then quickly was only at one of the Art theaters, and then was gone. I wonder if that was because it didn't draw crowds, or because the theaters didn't want any trouble from the scientologists?
  • Shawn C.Shawn C. Senior Member Posts: 7,027 Senior Member
    I saw where it only grossed about 1/2 of what the movie cost to make (per IMDB), so maybe it just wasn't a popular film. The scientology parallel was pretty obvious, but I don't think the writer/director went out of his way to make it about scientology. It wasn't even a movie about cults per se.

    Is scientology that large of a "religion" that it would draw trouble from its members? I don't know much about them other than they believe in lizard people or some ****.
  • ouzelproouzelpro Senior Member Posts: 5,361 Senior Member
    Kind of a freak show, huh?
    I kept looking for context; context to each scene, to the behavior of the characters, and it struck me that that was the point of how the story was told. There was no core or coherence to what the Master was doing, it was all meaningless gibberish, presented with conviction and charisma. Yet, this guy held the attention of his followers, especially the ones that are drifters and seekers, like the Joaquin Phoenix character.
    I think the director nailed that type of control that cults depend on. I can't say that I enjoyed the movie, but its an important story, done very well.
  • dryfliedryflie Senior Member Posts: 1,442 Senior Member
    Just watched Argo and frankly wondered how that was selected best picture over Lincoln. OK it's a well done sort of thriller but when you understand the actual story the movie was just a Hollywood invention. Watch it for the nail biting but bear in mind the only relationship between it and the true story is that they are both about Iran. I still want to see Zero Dark, I understand they have real drones.
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