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    Hey, that's a real gaster! Nice fly, guessing that's a bead surrounded by thread?

    They say the times are changing but I just don't know
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    I tie something similar. Build up of two thread bumps covered in 5 minute epoxy. Good to hang off the back of a cricket or hopper.

    But I'm not quite sure how you got the red AND translucense at that back.
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  • So, I've tied the Transparant - aka hardbodied ant.

    FWIW, I don't actually tie in a hackle. Rather I tie in legs use tying thread, Krystal Flash, whatever.

    Also, try tying them in yellow for bluegill.
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    Good idea Steven. I'll try some with black crystal flash.
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    I wonder how they would be using Clear Cure Goo instead of epoxy? I three second kick time sure seems like it would beat the pants off of two part 5 minute epoxy.

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