Should I Buy a Six Weight?

ouzelproouzelpro Senior MemberPosts: 5,361 Senior Member
I think I should, I chuck streamers along the Rio Grande, catch the occasional pike and smallmouth, and while I've been doing fine with the five weight, the six would be nice for large mouth someday. I've got plenty of fours, fives, and a fast action eight for saltwater.


  • Don NewtonDon Newton Senior Member Posts: 431 Senior Member
    ORVIS Superfine TOUCH 906-4 ... just sayin'.
  • fishingcomicfishingcomic Senior Member Posts: 24,271 Senior Member

    I got this guy on a three weight. I have been using my 5wt lately. I didn't have one when I caught him. A 6 would be nice for chucking bigger bugs. I watched Richie though throw a huge frog pattern at a really big bass in Central Park using an 8 wt. Which was probably the most effective rod for tossing that pattern.
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  • ouzelproouzelpro Senior Member Posts: 5,361 Senior Member
    There are some good deals on Scott A3s out there. I'm thinking bigger bugs as well, and the occasional big pike,carp and smallie out of the Rio Grande.
  • outdoorsmanoutdoorsman Member Posts: 85 Member
    I like my 10 foot 6 weight Gatti. It's probably more like a 6.5 weight. So something along those lines wouldn't be as similar to a 5 weight as a smaller 6 weight, or as close to an 8 weight as a 7 would be. I'd say go for it!
  • I like a 6 to chuck streamers from a boat and to swing streamers for smallies. I use my 8wt for large mouth and pike. Easier to toss those big poppers and bunny streamers.
  • ouzelproouzelpro Senior Member Posts: 5,361 Senior Member
    Whats not to like? Thanks everyone for the input. I just put one on layaway.
  • KyoKyo Junior Member Posts: 10 Junior Member
    As Bill says you don't golf with one club in your bag . . . so maybe it's time for the 6Wt.
    The one thing you'll notice with today's 6wt rods is the top of the line
    rods and plenty of the intermediate price rods are so light you'll
    think it's a 5wt when you pick it up.
  • Longs for CuttsLongs for Cutts Junior Member Posts: 16 Junior Member
    A six-weight is what I generally recommend as the closest it's possible to get to a one-rod "quiver" in the northern Rockies. I do probably half of my fishing with one, which is probably why I have four at last count and that Superfine mentioned above is also looking tasty...

    Oh, and a prodigal son returns...
  • ouzelproouzelpro Senior Member Posts: 5,361 Senior Member
    The indignity of being a Junior Member. You have my sympathy.
  • stratabassstratabass Junior Member Posts: 7 Junior Member
    Yes. It will turn over the junk better and it's not overkill. Good for smallies, too.
  • flytrapflytrap Banned Posts: 1,659 Senior Member
    Need is never a consideration with flyrods.
    There are worse things in life than being a born cynic.
  • ouzelproouzelpro Senior Member Posts: 5,361 Senior Member
    flytrap wrote: »
    Need is never a consideration with flyrods.

    I thought I had deceived myself pretty well.
  • rvrwaderrvrwader Member Posts: 42 Member
    When throwing big bugs and streamers the six will be very handy. But you already knew that...
    Well, I aint always right but I've never been wrong.....
  • CrabulaCrabula Member Posts: 31 Member
    You've got a 5 wt.. Skip the six and go to a seven. You'll then notice a more significant difference in performance. Not a lot of difference between some 5 wt.'s and some 6 wt.'s. IMHO.
  • ouzelproouzelpro Senior Member Posts: 5,361 Senior Member
    If I get a 6 or 7 weight, then I'm set for a Kamchatka trip! (sarcasm used in this post)
  • FlytyerFlytyer Senior Member Posts: 131 Senior Member
    Unless you are stuck on a 9' rod, An 8.5' 6 wt would be a nice rod for what you want. Any one of the named brand rods would be good. Most Rod companies have the same rod in 2 price ranges. The only difference is the cosmetics. I would go for the cheaper rod. I would also look into a medium to soft rod. For me a stiff rod takes away any enjoyment and skill.

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