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If you haven't seen Aziz's special on Nexflix.

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Watch it. Very clever man, and funny as hell.

From, the NR article.
Ansari has had some experience with racism and finds it troublesome. But it’s woke white people he finds really exceptionally boring: “Say what you will about racist people, but they’re usually very brief. Newly woke white people are exhausting!” Aziz studied the online furor about a Salt Lake City teen who enraged the mob by wearing a Chinese-style prom dress:

My favorite thing is you go on these threads, and you’d see people arguing, trying to, like, out-woke each other. You know what I mean? Like, one person’d be like, “Oh, I can’t believe she’d just steal from Chinese culture like that.” Another guy’d be like, “Actually, the Chinese stole that from Malaysia.” And I was like, “Oh, s**t! You just got out-woked!”

You thought your eyes were open. This other dude doesn’t even have a forehead. His eyeball just keeps going . . . just so he can see all the injustice.

Who would have guessed that a brown-skinned son of Muslim immigrants would so hilariously detail how anxious white liberals are throwing crazy logs on the bonfire of the insanities? Like comedians in general, Ansari has a strong BS detector, and Eau de Barnyard is the chosen perfume of the progressive class. You just never know if they’re telling the truth about their opinions or trying to score points in an imaginary game.

Is there some sort of secret, progressive Candy Crush we don’t know about? Like, don’t you imagine some white people getting together in secret, like, “All right, let’s tally up our scores. What did everyone do for equality today?” . . . “Well, I told one of my African-American friends I thought Black Panther should have won Best Picture. Then I tweeted out some support for this new documentary by a lesbian filmmaker. . . . Wrote a lengthy Instagram post calling myself out for white privilege based on something I did in 2015.” Ding, ding, ding! “Tell him what he’s won, guys!” “Oh, Brian’s won a bunch of Instagram likes from other white people playing the same game!”

Aziz agrees with every conservative that we mortals are imperfectible and it’s folly to suggest otherwise. “We’re all sty people, okay?… And if you’re sitting there, like, ‘I’m not sty. I’m aware of all the marginalized groups.’ You’re extra s***ty, okay? ’Cause you’re arrogant. Have some humility.” This is refreshing stuff.


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