i Think She Started to go "Hulk" on Chilies!

SaraSara Senior MemberPosts: 512 Senior Member

Look at her jeans! Amazing. I thought ripped jeans went out in the 80's.

I have read a couple of versions of the story, and I think it was fully an accident. But a serious one, Chile's should have to pay a fine. The family should get some free meals. Bartenders and severs need to be retrained on non-alcholic drink procedures. But it doesn't have to be the bartender losing his job or Chile's their liquor license.


  • JulietJuliet Posts: 0
    so I guess the kids got their party mom's drinks instead

    countdown to BrianD's post
  • JulietJuliet Posts: 0
    BtW ... I wonder what a 'field sobriety' tests looks like with a 6 year old let alone a year old kid
  • fishingcomicfishingcomic Senior Member Posts: 24,752 Senior Member
    I don't know that is a pretty serious accident considering the drinks were in children's cups. Suspending that license and making the bartender pay a hefty fine seems to be very well in order.
    'I've spoken of the Shining City all my political life. …In my mind it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, windswept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace; a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity. And if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That's how I saw it, and see it still.'" Ronald Reagan
  • SaraSara Senior Member Posts: 512 Senior Member
    I wonder if they gave one to mom? LOL!
  • SaraSara Senior Member Posts: 512 Senior Member
    Chris, I do agree with you that the bartender should have looked at the ticket closer. I guess he asked the server and the server told him to split the drink among 3 children's cups. It was marked on the ticket to be virgin drinks. That should have been a clue. So I do think the bartender was negligent and should be held accountable. He should pay the fine. However, I do also think it was crazy at Chile's on the fourth of July, and when places get crazy mistakes happen. That is why I think they need to reinforce or create a policy on virgin drinks. Marking the ticket, server verifying they are virgin DRINKS (for Brian D), etc. Obviously, Chile's made the mistake. Maybe they should have to submit a virgin drink policy that may help eliminate any more mistakes to keep their license from being suspended.
  • SaraSara Senior Member Posts: 512 Senior Member
    The comments that people made that mom was somehow responsible floored me! She ordered Virgin drinks for her kids, they came in kiddie cups, why would she taste them?
  • creekguycreekguy Senior Member Posts: 3,972 Senior Member
    I see torn jeans all the time, some quite artistic, and have for years. Of course, I teach at a CC. But that a mom would want to be seen on TV in them is pretty strange. Any lawyer she sees about a lawsuit is going to freak over that, I think.
    it seems like a servers or 'tenders error. An idea, change the name of these minors drinks to something more distinctive. Along the lines of "Shirley Temple", etc (how about an "Anita Bryant" for a virgin screwdriver!).

    Always test taste your kids "virgin" drinks, i guess.
  • JulietJuliet Posts: 0
    seriously? they gave of a cocktail name to plain orange juice?
  • creekguycreekguy Senior Member Posts: 3,972 Senior Member
    Errr, good point. But then they get to charge bar prices for it. I wonder what a good name for a virgin bloody mary would be? How bout a "Marie Osmond"?
  • P.DieterP.Dieter Super Moderator Posts: 968 Senior Member
    There's not enough for me to pass much judgment (except that the bar screwed up and should review its communications) but the following cuts make me suspect. Mom is possibly already reinventing the event to alleviate any concerns about her own behavior. My benchmark will be if they sue over "damages". If they sue their social trash, if they go on about their lives then, good citizens. If I were that chilis manager I'd be working out a substantial "free meal" package for them.

    According to police reports, Bruenning ordered a "virgin" strawberry daiquiri for her three kids because they wanted smoothies to cool off before going to see fireworks. She said the kids were served the daiquiri in three children's cups and she didn't know it had alcohol in it until her eldest complained about the taste.
    She also said she ordered a "strawberry smoothie," not a virgin daiquiri.
    Bruenning said she and her husband have yet to discuss any possible legal actions beyond the police and city prosecutor's review.
  • ouzelproouzelpro Senior Member Posts: 5,361 Senior Member
    Amazingly, the Lodge news cameras were at the scene:


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