For Sherb and Steven

breamfisherbreamfisher Senior MemberPosts: 4,345 Senior Member


  • sherbsherb Senior Member Posts: 2,630 Senior Member

    Most likely it would appear to be written in some foreign tongue, like Greek Linear B or Sanskrit.

    "wait, so you're saying that when we call something a 'human right' it doesn't automatically exempt it from the laws of scarcity? Well that is the worst kind of all the kinds of BS that there is. "

  • George KGeorge K Super Moderator Posts: 9,070 Senior Member

    I like it. Competition for The Onion

    Keep your stinkin' government hands off my Medicare.
  • StevenSteven Senior Member Posts: 2,590 Senior Member

    I got a chuckle.

  • Shawn C.Shawn C. Senior Member Posts: 5,844 Senior Member

    Good stuff!

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