We have a healthy snake population up here on the ridge.

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Yesterday my daughter called to tell me that the car behind her hit a nice rattlesnake that she had managed to avoid. I went to her house (she bought a place a few miles away) to retrieve it. I have been wanting to tan the skin on one and save the rattles. Found it to be a 3.5' with 8 rattles and an button. A med timber for these parts. I was going to try eating it but lost my nerve when it was hard to cut through the back bones. I later learned you just cut the back strap out. These things are as common as birds up here and copperheads even more so. That said I still don't run them over... I think the copperheads come to the road for the frogs at night. Not sure why the Rattlers like the roads. But they usually show up on the hottest days


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    My first teen age "love" was the girl who lived across the road from my uncle's summer/hunting house on 50 acres of woods in upstate NY. We would roam the woods with our .22s in late summer-early fall hunting rattlers that were sunning themselves on the old stone walls that once divided fields that now were deciduous woods.

    She would clean and cook them. It was "love" at first bite.

    No, they do not taste like chicken. They taste like rattlesnake.

    Keep your stinkin' government hands off my Medicare.
  • MikeAMikeA Senior Member Posts: 2,815 Senior Member

    So they are worthy of cleaning to eat? The meat looked really good. No fat.

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    Good sized ones are worth eating if you're going to skin them anyway. I think skinning is the hardest part. My brother used to smoke the whole thing and when done right, the meat just fell off the bones. We used to catch them for CSU to do venom testing. We always kept a couple of the big ones for eating.

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    You’re an enigma wrapped in a riddle Gary. Your wife drives an Audi and you eat rattlesnakes. :)

  • CO NativeCO Native Senior Member Posts: 1,001 Senior Member

    Hahaha- First time I ever ate it was at a fancy restaurant in Denver that served game. Snake was an appetizer and it was good. She drove a Dodge at that time, so maybe that will explain it ;-)
    I would not make the effort now to go find snakes, kill them, and eat them.

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