Leader length importance

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Greetings! I'm fairly new to fly fishing, and I'm brand new to this forum. I'd like opinions about a recent experience I had. Two evenings ago, I fished a local pond in overcast, dusky conditions with intermittent light rain, and I was able to land several largemouth bass using a black woolly ****. Yesterday I want back to that pond. The conditions were the same -- overcast with fading light -- and I used the same fly. I couldn't even get a hit! The one difference I could think of is that on the second trip my leader was longer -- maybe 8-9 feet or so. Otherwise, I'm baffled as to why the results were so different. So.....

  • How critical is the leader length? (I did notice that with the longer leader, I had to wait longer after the cast before I started my retrieve, in order to give the leader time to sink below the surface.)
  • What impact does a light rain have on pond fish (particularly bass) feeding habits?

Thanks in advance!

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