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My wife...

EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

comes home tonight after two weeks across the ocean....I hope she brings me a present from China.....


  • magallowaymagalloway Senior Member Posts: 1,036 Senior Member

    That's better that a 'present' from Bangkok.


  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Everybody sing along...a onea anna twoa anna three

    We're on the train to Bangkok
    Aboard the Thailand Express
    We'll hit the stops along the way
    We only stop for the best

  • FishTXFishTX Super Moderator Posts: 8,978 Senior Member

    If we are gonna sing

    One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster
    The bars are temples but the pearls ain't free
    You'll find a god in every golden cloister
    And if you're lucky then the god's a she
    I can feel an angel sliding up to me

    "We have to find someone who can not only fly this plane, but who didn't have fish for dinner."

    Crooow:This music would work better with women in bikinis shaking all over the place. I guess that's true of any music really.
  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Yeah....I spent three days liberty in Pattya Beach after burning chingos of circles doing patrol for Red Octobers and lifegaurd duty for flight ops on the carriers out on Gonzo Station for about 100 days during the Iranian Hostage Crisis....it was like one big wild, wild, west movie....anything you could possibly want....I actually wasn't into paying for the girls, so mostly me and a large group of close friends of mixed rates liked to pool our money together and get a suite of rooms for very, very few American dollars back in the day....stupid stupid stupid squiddley diddleys running around thinking we were Kings of the world doing stupid stupid stuff....walked right up to a guy with a little truck with benches in the bed and a shell jacked up in stilts over them...one kind of taxi....asked him for something...he said 'sure, get in'.....windy mountain roads way out in the rainforest we go...thought we'd get jacked and killed and chucked out into the forest .to rot....we pull up to a small hut with a dirt floor, get out, go inside, he's got huge black plastic lawn bags full of the stuff....starts puling it out in great gobs spilling it out all over the place...wants to party with us...we sit in the mistmatched chairs he's got in the hut....and party...talk....laugh....after a while he gets up, opens the door, points to a row of little single rooms big enough for a bed and hot plate and says those are his girls we can....'rent'.....said no thanks..he was perfectly cool with it...my partner, division mate, fellow Sonar tech and bud gives him a three of the red with white background notes with the elephants on them for a bag....I give him one for the ride...and back we go...
    Subic Bay was the wildest.....out in Olongopo? there was a place so notorious.....they girls would do like X rated live shows....like triple XX vaudeville....like triple XXX third world country Lido acts and skits and stuff...been to the Lido..on the Champs...sometimes the girls were topless....some old tourist from the American mid west would gasp...that stuff was for kids in Olongapo....Jolo club was the joint's name....i never went....not my thing....I'm hetero...don't get me wrong...not that there's be anything wrong if I wasn't....its just that kinda stuff just didn't do anything for me....

    Reason I'm mentioning it first time I hit the place was early summer or mid summer of 80.....they were having some big thing in town where everything moved outside and into the streets....all the bars, bands, food, some of the retail, out into the streets....cross the bridge at the gate, straight on and then hook a right....buncha girls in dresses playing a piano and singing on a built up raised platform for a stage...doing can-can....they turn around, grip their dresses, bend forward and flip their dresses up in the air...WHOA...those aren't girls!

    Takes all kinds. By then my best friend my senior year in High School had already long ago sent me the letter where he tells me he's gay. Didn't know. Didn't care after I found out. He'd never hit on me. Never seemed interested in me after. But stupid stupid me...all the stereotypical gay stuff...super short short everything hanging in the breeze jean cutoffs....t shirts cut into half tees with midriff exposed....a walk like he's gotta get to a bathroom quick...the wrist thing....the way he said 'You b!tch'.....ever see the Birdcage.....the house boy Agador (funny...that was Hank Azaria...the guy that voiced Apu...there's another thread with him featured in it running now).....well...that was Doug...I just thought it was because his mom had been through four divorces and he and his three sisters were raised mostly by her.....his first younger sis was lesbian....the younger two weren't....

    Anyway....I never knew...HEY....I was raised in communities that were mostly military....south central texas...60s and 70s....I didn't know how to tell!

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