's a movie quote...

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Like many things and events in my life which I flash to movie scenes and quotes in response...there's this thing I do when drinking martinis and whiskies neat where after the first guzzle I 'Smoooooooooooth' in a raspy voice....its thing I konw I've seen in a movie/movies/show/shows that I can kinda see in my head but for years and years and years I have looked and searched and everything I could but have never been able to place it and I sincerely would like your help....

Somebody has just made some liquor of some kind....moonshine maybe...chem kit vodka...I don't know...there's a few of them trying it out and one of them takes a swig and in a real raspy voice goes 'Smoooooooth!'......

Was it:

Steve McQueen in the Great Escape?

Steven McQueen in Papillon?

Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke?

One of the Docs in Mash the movie or show (I seem to remember them drinking martinis made with chem kit alcohol!)

Doc, LTjg Roberts, or Ensign Pulver when they were making bourbon with a bottle of medicinal alcohol, shoe polish, and soda pop so one of them could woo a nurse?

Couple prisoners in the original Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds?

Several or all of the above?

I'm thinking it was guys in the military....maybe...I'm thinking...maybe not.


  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Okay...I jogged my memory...I think they drink 'Pruno' in Longest Yard? That's like...a wine....isn't it?

    I'm thinking wherever or whenever I've seen the scene/s it was liquor.

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    "smooooth" is for sure The Great Escape. Love that movie.

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