Sean Hannity was Cohen's third client

creekyguycreekyguy Posts: 124 Senior Member

After seething on air about the seizure of Cohen's records without revealing his own personal connection to Cohen.

Maybe I'll rethink my attitude about the existence of G_d.


  • Shawn C.Shawn C. Senior Member Posts: 5,536 Senior Member

    This really is too good to be true.

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    I don't get it? Are newscasters not allowed to be emotional about something they are commenting on if they are personally involved without having to mention if and how they were involved with it? Can they have opinions about things too? Are only Vulcan postgraduate students of Surak's teachings allowed to be news announcers? Those heartless, green blooded bastages with computers where their brains are supposed to be? Aren't you being a little speciest?

    I mean really....I'm no fan of Trump's....I think he's seriously messed up and flawed....but not only is that why I voted for him...I'd have voted for anything before I'd have voted for Hillary....Zippy The Pinhead.....Captain Spaulding from 'The Devil's Rejects'...that dog that does that thing in that YouTube video....that schizophrenic neurotic bimbo coke head girl that has Frito's Scoops painted in various 1960s and 70's Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth muscle car colors for fake fingernails and vinyl wall decal slogans for tattoos on 'Vanderpump Rules'....all she needs is a big banana yellow plastic shower curtain ring in her nose and I'd have written her in....

    BUT I MEAN REALLY....that was a little've been doing everything you can to bust a guy who literally trashed and stated his intentions to eviscerate the organization you and your friends work/worked for....he fired the head of that organization and your friend (who then recently released a book about him that was at least 90% invective)....then you raid offices of that man's personal and private lawyer...collect up evidence, files, tapes, hard drives...and we're supposed to believe you won't violate client attorney privilege if you find anything on him...or that wasn't your intention from the start?

    C'mon now....really? Nobody thinks this crossed a line?

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member


  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Special Counsel: We know from discovered evidence that Mr Trump not only knew about the payments to Stormy Daniels, but the money came from a coffee can where Melania kept 130k in cash in case they ran out of campaign funds.....

    Judge: What is the source of this evidence?

    Special Counsel: Uhhh..that can't be determined your honor.

    Judge: WHAT? It can't be determined? Why not?

    Special Counsel:Uhhh...we no longer know where the evidence is your honor?

    Judge: WHAT? You had it once but now you don't?

    Special Counsel: That would be correct your honor.

    Judge: WHAT? What happened to it?

    Special Counsel: of our explosives detecting dogs ate it sir!

  • creekyguycreekyguy Posts: 124 Senior Member

    "Trump...I think he's seriously messed up and flawed....but not only is that why I voted for him...."

    This is so Echo!

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