Stupid Big Breasted Blonde Talking Head......

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She just called a 5.4 liter motor a 'HUGE V8'......

I apologize to anybody who thought this would be a politically related thread.....for future reference I was watching a rare collector, muscle, and sports car auction show....I don't much watch news.....its not very relevant in my head movie.....Winner of Puppy Bowl...that's relevant! Kelly Le Brock narrating Discovery Project Big Cat? She was hot in Weird Science! HOT! She'd have to explain the whole thing of hooking up with Steven 'Somebody make me a sandwich' Segal......but she 'looked' hot.....

And I always liked when she affectionately referred to the boys as 'little maniacs'......when I was 16 I wanted an older woman to refer to me as a 'little maniac'.....what 16 year old boy didn't?

OH of my dogs just gassed the room with a purple cloud of death! I gotta flee the premises....if I get wireless out in my yard I'll be back....if not...give me an hour or so......


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    Oh (holding my breath) favorite cars have always been the later McClaren calliope fuel injected aluminum big block Chevy V8 winged CanAm rules...all out...they were wasn't until a someone fronted a campaign ti inject rules into an unlimited form of road racing to favor a specific manufacturer did a German turbo flat motor V12 get an overwhelming advantage and everybody else eventually bail.......

    Wait a minute....I've seen this Ferarri Boxer earlier...and they're saying the same lines.....dashgummit....they've scripted everything....oh wait....they're showing a previously shown showing on reshow.....

    Man I hate when I do that! Never mind!

    Oh it is again....a 2012 Lexus Nuerbering LSA....they got 700k for it.....right? That's what I said....700k for an Asian car less than 6 years old? ****? They sold a 72 Copo Chevelle LS6 for 65k earlier...and shortly after a 72 W30 4 speed convertible 1 of 6 442 Cutlass for 80k.....and this car brought in 700k?

    It must be a generational thing! 'Member berry when Urban Cowpunk ruined amateur bull riding? I do...late could go out to any number of pay 3 bucks per ride jackpot bull and bareback riding arenas out in the rurals and go all night like a lumberjack....and then all these drugstore cowboys started buying hats with feather hat bands and stuffing bandanas with the tails hanging out of their back pockets and wearing lave up roper boots and stuffing snuff in their jawlines and shuffling their feet on sand sprinkled roller derby rink style dance floors to make that shuffling sound line dancing crap while they sent their girlfriends and hot girls from the audience up to the mechanical bull to **** ride it for the entertainment of every underage drunken male in the audience?

    Boot Scooting Boogie! YEEEE-HAWWWWWW!

    What was that beer Bud and **** drank? Oh yeah....Lone Star and Pearl Longnecks! They're the beer, brewed right here, deep in the stables of Texas....that's how we sang that song!

    Okay...okay...I admit...I was a Texas impregnated Illinois born Hawaiian raised before Germany schooled before raised in Texas during my formua...forma....fomative years (is that right?) Texan....but I dipped Coopenhagen and not Skoal or Happy Days mint or raspberry (they were for chicks).......rode bulls....was in FFA.....hung out in hangar sized Texas dancehalls....long before Urban Cowpunk was a national phenomena....

    HEY....any body remember what Ford project was called Daisy? They just said the 2000's Ford GT project was code named Petunia.....but the tardo hosts never mentioned which Ford project was nicknamed Daisy.....

    'Member berry that movie 'Best of Show'? I used to think Parker Posey was hot! Ever since seeing her ion Dazed and Confused I wanted to forcefully pick her up and throw her on the trunk of a late 60s muscle car and....

    Dazed and Confused was about the most accurate documentary of my teen age years in central Texas I can couldn't be done any more accurate than that.....

    And it just makes me too nostalgic....too sentimental...and a little bit too filled with regret.....I'm telling you what.....If I could go back with what I know now I'd do it in two shakes of a lamb's tail......I'D BE A KING......I wouldn't spend my entire senior year and all my money on dope, wrenching on my Goat (its slang for a car....GTO....not....never mind)..... and skateboards...that's for sure....there's probably nothing that fills you with more regret than thinking of all the targets in a target rich environment that you didn't target because you were targeting other targets....wait...what?....Do you know what I mean? Tight, clean, lean bodies healthy for your diet....OMG....I'm sliding off the rails now.......lean to the right....pass the word for all crew and passengers to immediately hug the starboard bulkhead....c'mon beto....starboard wheels down....down on the rail.....steady...steady....AHHHHHHH....TOUCHDOWN!

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    And then there's the movie who's name we do not speak! That one with the fly tying fly fishing adjective rich novel writing dude and his brother and their Presby minister dad and mom in Montana! You know the one! Flyfishing was awesome before that damned movie came out!

    And somewhere there's a Japanese import drifter driving old man saying....'I know just what you mean! It was that damned (John Travolta, Robert Redford, Vin Diesel insert a-ho of your choice here) that ruined everything!

    Damned movies....ruining everything for everybody!

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    Wow, I'm reading this to see what I said, and I have absolutely no idea what I was talking about!

    A movie that ruined something by turning it into a nationwide fad everybody was then into, with a big breasted blonde talking head?

    Geeze, what was I watching yesterday?

  • Shawn C.Shawn C. Senior Member Posts: 5,536 Senior Member

    I came here for the big breasts and am leaving disappointed.

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Man....I have no idea why I didn't read the first post in this discussion when I saw the discussion title and couldn't remember what I was talking about....I finally did and of course its right there in the 1st line....some woman on a car show who called a small cubic inch V8 a big block....

    I had a brain [email protected]

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    @Shawn C. said:
    I came here for the big breasts and am leaving disappointed.

    This thread is worthless without pictures.

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    They were huge. She had the big big hair, fake eyelashes, white lipstick, black top with lots of decolletage....and she didn't know nothing about cars!

    Lorraine McKinnery was pretty, she knew more about cars than most guys I know (or she was really good at reading a prompter)....but her face was hyper-animated, she did that back and forth side to side head thing with every syllable, she used constant and overly grand and sweeping hand gestures.....when she was on scene she looked and sounded like she was auditioning to perform the Queen of the Night aria in Mozart's Magic Flute....she really, really, really sold it with everything she had....

    Nobody is perfect, least of them me....but I aint working on no car show neither!

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    @Shawn C. said:
    I came here for the big breasts and am leaving disappointed.

    This thread is still worthless without pictures.

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Lorraine McKinnery....QVC model, mostly a models with cars, at races and car events, and an automotive show host..was the host for What's My Car Worth featuring special cars where experts would rate them in several categories and predict what they'd bring at the auction they were at. You saw it once and that might have been enough for most people but it ran for a long time.

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