1970 Superbird,,,,

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None of you pay any never mind to me so I know none of you know where I've been and where I'm going and what's going on in the last 58 years of my life (I'm 57 but I rounded up just in case)......

I'm keeping up to date with one of the nation's biggest rare and special car auction sites from the road and they just sold a '70 Superbird for more money than G0D has ever seen ( which is a lot of money considering how much money people have looted from other people under the auspice of religious right and justification)......

WHAT I WANT TO KNOW (memories of my Presby minister sending me back to my **** suit and chains in my closet in the basement with the admonition 'same thing, in four word's or less '....).......

Is just HTF do you intentionally replicate 'mistakes' and 'shoddy workmanship' due to 'hastily' performed aerodynamic modifications of production cars for the Nascar Speedways of the early '70s?

Just who do you hire? Is this al this one of those reverse ethnic/racial things? Do we need to call the inbred moonshine swilling redneck equivalent of the ASPCA?.....NO....wait...OMG...that's animals....no...I'm thinking of the caucasian redneck equivalent of the NAACP.....

WHITE IS A COLOR! Tell me there's a NAACP for white people! There's gotta be one....OR THAT'S NOT RIGHT!

No wonder Dale Jr retired and sunk Sprint Cup to hell......no more Dale Jr....no more Daniel Patrick......WHERE ARE THE LIBERALS NOW?

White Nascar Drivers Lives Matter!

Send all contributiions and bit coins for purchasing the WND lives matters and tees to my Aruba bank account.....by sending me email requesting EFT or PayPal account!


  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    That was G!mp suite...BLACK LATEX G!MP SUIT.....though nobody reads anything I write....

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    Okay....I'm winding down and I just remembered.....white isn't a color any more than black is....'white' is the total reflection of all spectrums of light while 'black' is the total absorption of all spectrums of light....

    Only in specific instantiations and no qualitative characteristics or implications of same of course.....

    The text is more often than not black, the background is almost always white.....

    You guys 'member berry that commercial? I think it was for the first pooter that displayed colored text on a white screen versus white dot matrix text on a dark screen.....

    I kinda prefer the light text on a dark screen....it kinda stood out more and was easier to read because it wasn't the same old same old dark text on a ight background....which wasn't only boring...it was fascist!


    Disclaimer: Your answers will be used to populate a statistical inference study of how people think regarding this question for money!

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    Which car auction? I us d to like to watch the Mecum auction years ago as they featured a lot of muscle cars.

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