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EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

[ open on Tiny Elvis's mansion, Tiny E. and the boys in the living room catching the news and having a good time]

Tiny Elvis: Hey, Sonny, Red, you boys having a good time?

Red: Count on it, Tiny Elvis.

Sonny: Takin' care of business, Tiny E!

Tiny Elvis: Well, that's good man, that's real good. Hey, Sonny, Red! Look how big Kim Jon UN's head is, man! That's hu-u-uge!

Sonny: [ laughs ]

Red: That's right, E!

Tiny Elvis: Well, man, I don't know how I could ever ride that thing without falling off, man. My arms are way too small to get a grip on it, man. That head is enormous!

Sonny: That's right, Elvis, that's a big head! [ slaps his knee ]

Tiny Elvis: Sure is, man. That's a really big head!

Red: That's hilarious, Elvis!

Sonny: Yeah, Elvis, you're really funny!

Tiny Elvis: Hey, man.. look at that salt shaker, man. That is huge! Man, I'll never be able to use all that salt, man. That is way too much!


  • magallowaymagalloway Senior Member Posts: 1,036 Senior Member

    Let me guess: someone in your lineage didn't pass up the dirty brown acid at Woodstock.

  • BushartBushart Senior Member Posts: 3,041 Senior Member

    Ya see---this is why I don't drink early in the day

  • WetdogWetdog Senior Member Posts: 5,763 Senior Member

    @Kznarich said:
    Jokes like this are what's left when the PC runs unchecked. Soon enough some liberal is going to complain that it shouldn't be Tiny Elvis, but Small person Elvis.

    I only know one politically correct liberal, we all stopped hanging out with her years ago. We call him tiny **** elvis.

    I find the assault on free thought disturbing,
    I find the willingness to give it up frightening.
  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    I'm old enough to have been at Woodstock, I wore big bell crushed velvet button front hiphuggers and Hardy zip up boots and bell sleeved shirts with 6 cuff buttons and huge collars and fringed suede vests when they were in style....the first album I ever personally owned was Inna Gadda Da Vida purchased when it first came out....what you mean 'In your lineage'? ;)

  • creekyguycreekyguy Posts: 361 Senior Member

    What kinda "goods" were you selling?

  • magallowaymagalloway Senior Member Posts: 1,036 Senior Member

    Because you write like several important synaptic connections were cross-wired.

  • EchoTestEchoTest Posts: 480 Senior Member

    I write and talk like I think when I write and talk....stream of consciousness....all over the place...unless I'm thinking analytically or creatively or planning, or making ranked lists....but then I'm thinking analytically, or creatively, or planning, or making ranked lists.....not writing or talking...they're all different things...similar...but different...

    WHY NOT? I CAN DO WHAT I WANT! AND THAT'S WHAT I WANT, WHAT I REALLY REALLY WANT....which currently along with what my wife thinks and wants is all that matters to me...

    I'm not sure which spice was my favorite, Melanie C, Emma, or Geri? If its possible I think I like them all equally. But that's just within the finite context of girls who were 'Spice Girls', not girls in real life.

    Dogs are behaving like they want out, gotta go...


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