Match the Feeling of Voting For Each Remaining Candidate To Your Choice ...

George KGeorge K Super ModeratorPosts: 8,954 Senior Member
...of punishment after you are convicted of shuffling Ted Cruz off this mortal coil while not on the Senate floor.

1) Garroting

2) Firing squad

3) Being drawn and quartered

4) Being tossed off the roof of the Moscow Trump Tower by Mexican Muslim Terrorists

5) Naked, tied to a chair in the Utah desert in July with no food or water and listening to Trump's speeches and Bon Jovi 24/7.

6) The death of a thousand commercials while watching the final episode of your favorite cliffhanger TV series. The climax happens after commercial number 1,003

7) Being hypnotized and dreaming dreams of a sweet Utopia until the very last minute when you awaken and see the ISIS guy swinging the sword down towards your neck.

8) Fifteen months sharing a cell or hospital ward with Dennis Hastert followed by lifetime parole supervised by the mods here.

9) The same as 8, but after the 15 months you must become a mod here.

10) Imaginative methods of your own are open for consideration.
Keep your stinkin' government hands off my Medicare.


  • FishTXFishTX Super Moderator Posts: 7,730 Senior Member
    trump = 3

    clinton = 2

    sanders = 9
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