Guys, I owe you all an apology.

jbillyjbilly Senior MemberPosts: 4,792 Senior Member
My deepest genuine apologies. I have been unsuccessful in my quest to invent my time machine that I was going to use to transport Harriet Tubman into the future, in order to find baby Hextall and club the **** out of him until he looked like Seal. I would have told her he was the love child of Chester A Arthur and Robert E Lee. I'm not exactly sure what went wrong but I suspect it has something to do with hiring that guy that claimed he was a scientist but insisted I needed to add some rocks to the time machine. I should have known better when he demanded at least $15 an hour.


  • HextallHextall Senior Member Posts: 9,520 Senior Member
    On behalf of the Lodge, I accept your apology.
  • ricinusricinus Senior Member Posts: 6,214 Senior Member
    I'll bet you hired Kevyn..

    My new goal in life is to become an Alter Kaker...
  • jbillyjbilly Senior Member Posts: 4,792 Senior Member
    Sherb, this is grounds for a legal clubbing right?
  • jbillyjbilly Senior Member Posts: 4,792 Senior Member
    ricinus wrote: »
    I'll bet you hired Kevyn..


    No, I said rocks not filled with **** excuses. However when I get this thing up and running I plan to go back and switch Hextalls lunches out with Kevyns. Within a matter of days Keyvn will be promoted to Hexs boss. But he won't know it for two weeks until he gets into the office.
  • jbillyjbilly Senior Member Posts: 4,792 Senior Member
    If you have any Andrew Jacksons to spare for the project let me know. It is shaped to appear as an air stream and is powered by piglets. Sadly it is quite underpowered at the moment, we are at least 3 slabs of bacon short on pork power

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