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Hornberger asks the question "how can anyone still be an interventionist?" and lists the reasons why they shouldn't be.


Look at Iraq. The U.S. invasion and multi-year occupation of that country was supposed to bring a paradise of peace, prosperity, and harmony to the country. That’s what killing all those Iraqis was about — sacrificing them for the greater good of a beautiful society. Wasn’t it called Operation Iraqi Freedom?

Yet, what do we have now? We have a country with a regime that exercises such totalitarian powers as arbitrary arrests, unreasonable searches, indefinite incarceration, torture, suppression of speech, state-established religion, and assassination.

Of course, as most everyone knows, Iraq is also a country that is filled with ongoing death, destruction, chaos, and crisis.

That’s what Operation Iraqi Freedom has brought to Iraq. Remind me again: What did killing all those Iraqis accomplish? What did all those U.S. soldiers die for or get maimed for?

Consider Afghanistan, another major disaster, where, once again, the U.S. government’s regime-change operation has succeeded in bringing a crooked and corrupt totalitarian-like regime into power to preside over a country that is riddled with civil war, death, destruction, chaos, and crisis. Despite more than 10 years of U.S. occupation, Afghanistan is the opposite of a free, prosperous, harmonious society. Wasn’t the Afghanistan regime-change operation called Operation Enduring Freedom?

Look at Syria. The Syrian dictatorship, which, by the way, is also a national security state, used its military and intelligence forces to suppress dissent within the Syrian citizenship, which precipitated a civil war or revolution. Rather than leave Syria to the Syrians, the U.S. national-security state decided that that would be an opportune moment for another regime-change operation — you know, one to follow the great successes of the regime-change operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Libya, where the U.S. government conducted another regime-change operation, continues to be another land of death, destruction, tyranny, chaos, crisis, and oppression.

Yemen, of course, is where the U.S. national-security state continues to murder people in an official state-sponsored program of assassination.

I repeat: How can any person in his right mind still be an interventionist?

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