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    Sanchez Ragtop

    Couple mods to Scott Sanchez Convertible - added foam for floatation (landau roof?) and, for smaller (#12-14) swapped Congo Hair for the calftail Trude/Wulff wing (less bulk at tie in; still like calftail for #10 and larger). Lot of the steps are similar to the Neversink Trude; front end's a bit different. Great little fly for pocket water; the Trude/Wulff combo wing is very visible.

    hook - Dai Riki 320 (#12)
    thread - Uni 6/0 camel
    tail - moose body
    body - peacock herl
    overbody - 2mm foam strip brown
    wing - Congo Hair white
    hackle - saddle brown/grizzly
    legs - round rubber brown (med)

    attach thread to hook at about the 60% mark

    attach a clump of moose body, little bit longer than hook gape

    and trim ends

    trim a strip of 2mm foam (hook gap width) to a point

    spread a little Crazy Glue on hook shank

    and tie in foam overbody

    tie in 6-8 strands of peacock herl

    and wrap forward with thread (re-enforces peacock) to 60% position

    wrap thread back to middle of peacock

    attach near leg


    pull foam forward, tie in with 2 soft wraps (so as not to cut the foam)

    trim foam & provide smooth thread base for wing & hackle

    pull out a clump of Congo Hair

    tie in wing, let it hang over back & front

    pull legs back, wrap lead-free wire over them and rear wing to keep them out of the way

    divide front wing clump, figure 8 wrap and post wings

    attach hackle and wrap (3 behind and 3 in front), tie off, add a little Miss Hansen

    trim front wing a little higher than hackle tips

    pull rear wing back and trim even with tail

    and you're done

    Cutts love it in rusty orange; tan, green, yellow, black, even purple have been effective. Calftail wing versions

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