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Thread: 'Tiz a cryin' shame.

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    'Tiz a cryin' shame.

    The Florida & Caribbean Fly Fisherman Forum used to have 50 fine, and accomplished fishermen as regulars, all of whom I came came to know as good friends. Some of us met here for as many as 15 years. This Saltwater forum now has none. Worse, it is apparent that a BIG mistake was made, and yet no attempt has been made to apologize or rectify it.

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    Good thing we have 'Poontangle on FB!! :-/ We'll all stay in touch somehow .... bet on it!

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    I completely agree Sir Buttonwood(and Gil). Perhaps the fishiest place on earth and it does not have it's own dedicated forum. Someone I can't remember put it best, "you just can't fix stupid"

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