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Thread: Any lardbutts kayak fish?

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    Any lardbutts kayak fish?

    Dear Board,

    I'm 6' 5" and 330 pounds and I miss not having a boat but a real boat isn't in the cards.

    So I'm asking if anyone here is larger than average and using a kayak? If so, can you post what make and model you park your butt in and how it has worked out for you?

    I'm not looking to paddle out off the beach and fish, I'm more concerned with fishing local ponds and lakes with the occasional stream trip thrown in.


    Tim Murphy

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    I find it easier to cast while floating on my back, as long as no sharks or really feeding-frenzy bluefish are around. Drift-fishing the Susky gets really, really interesting approaching the Dock St. dam.

    Seriously, though, I have a 12' Porta-Bote that I will get around to using some day, and they now sell a casting deck/swivel chair attachment.

    If I had a pick-up truck and a spare $2K, or were not hopeless controlling a trailer I would consider one of these:



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    I might as well be a scaled down version of you Murphy, 6`1" 260 pounds . While I prefer to run this around Cape Cod I do run this guy up some pretty small and snotty rivers with the kids...

    Oh and you will get wet.. FYI

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    I've used the Tarpon before in Florida. Nice boat to fish from at 76 lbs I no longer lift it on the roof of the car in Florida. The guy who rents them will come out drop off and pick up.
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