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Thread: Pretty sad though....

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    Speaking of non responsive...I requested some info on the moderator duties when they put that Moderator thread out. Never got a response. I'm not finding much going on here Gil so I'm going to delete this site from my bookmarks and stick to the FS site. No sense beating a dead horse. If you or any Poontangles want to get in touch besides that ole fashioned email I'll be on I monitor Fly fishing, Boating and the Regional boards. Another great Fly fishing site is Danny's board michael

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    The Florida and Caribbean forum wasn't "dead" for many years back when it was the principal source for Florida & Caribbean information. Through no fault of that forum, it is my thought that there came a time in recent years when there were more forums than posters. The Florida Sportsman forums and the Fly Fisherman forums had a place for just about every location one might conjure can imagine...from lakes, and rivers, N,S,E, SE, W, to offshore fly fishing, big game and Stripers. That the FF forum for Saltwater fishermen is the only choice we have is a bit shortsighted, in my opinion, since Florida (and the Caribbean) are principal hot spots where specialized and local knowledge is very valuable for a huge number of interested fisherpersons.

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    Thanks, ghost. The fact of the matter is that many of us have been here, and enjoyed the Fly Fisherman Forums for as many as 10 or more years. I'm surprised that someone has not come out and said that if you don't like it here, go somewhere else. That is not a happy option. Having a Florida forum would be a better and more attractive/appealing solution.

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    I think the original Poontanglers have made their exit. Unfortunately for this site, that is a large number of some of the most knowledgeable saltwater anglers still kicking. The Florida & Caribbean forum was more than just a Florida forum. It was where we met and kept up life long friendships for 10 years or more. That's close to 50 long friendships and much knowledge sharing.

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    This string shows that I was the most recent post...but it apparently was removed. Good start for this Junior member who has been posting on this site for at least 12 years. Looks to me that about 50 of us have gone elsewhere. I know where. See you there, Poontanglers.

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    Bob and all. Just found that this shallow shadow of a once grand forum (VFS in the mid 90's) was back...

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    I've gone from a post a day for many years to being a junior, occasional lurker.

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    There you are, Croaker. So good to hear from you. If Facebook isn't too girlie for a he-man like you, you'll find us there with a special Poontangle link. Show up, and I'll make you a Poontangler with all rights and privileges thereunto appertaining. I'm going to make every effort to go to Jekyll Island in late September when the tides are best. I'd like to take our flats boat, but Kathy says we will take our kayaks. So far she is sticking to it. Any chance of meeting up with you and a buddy, or have you a better place closer to ~Brunswick? Love wading for those reds in the grass. Reminds me of quail hunting without a dog. Sorta like Snipe hunting, too. No wonder I like it.

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    Croaker, You are in at Facebook. Welcome friend.

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