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Thread: Got Her!!!

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    If I had legs like that, I wouldn't need a ladder to paint the eve of the roof.
    "We have to find someone who can not only fly this plane, but who didn't have fish for dinner."

    Crooow:This music would work better with women in bikinis shaking all over the place. I guess that's true of any music really.

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    We're heading right into blackfly season here, and with all the rain this spring, it ought to be a booger. As far as moose goes, we've had a crazed one with a dislocated foreleg terrorizing the kids in the back yard, one in the neighbor's swimming pool (one of the towing services here keeps a special sling dedicated to hauling doped-up meese out of pools), and three take up residence for a morning in the elementary school playground. We're also about due a "death after the prom" incident wherein the captain of the basketball team and the homecoming queen with a full scholarship to Brown clip one on the turnpike at seventy miles an hour. Similar such incidents have happened locally three times in the past twenty years.


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