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Thread: Pontoon boat - want to upgrade oars and anchor

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    Pontoon boat - want to upgrade oars and anchor

    Hi everyone (anyone?)

    I own a pontoon boat, and want to upgrade the oars and anchor. Does anyone have any suggestions or a resource (like a regional forum that has lot's of pontoon users) that I could check out?

    I have a dave scadden skykomish sunrise with the stock oars. I dont' feel they are very efficient or easy to use. I built an anchor out of PVC and concrete, but it's not optimal either. so I'm looking to upgrade both.

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    I went to the Scadden site to check, Jeez do they see you coming. Are planning rivers or stillwaters?

    My new goal in life is to become an Alter Kaker...

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    On moving waters I suggest a chain anchor. I use ~ 20# of chain when I fish during the fall, and will get out of the boat often to fish different runs.

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    Try Northwest River Supplies for oar upgrades:

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    I have the same 'toon. I use lengths of heavy chain or window sash weights most of the time on moving waters. On lakes and ponds I use a mushroom anchor that really digs in but not so much that you have to cut it off when it's time to move on.
    The sash/chain weights are great on moving water but not the best for stopping the boat. What they do is slow down your drift and keep the boat pointing correctly down stream so it's not spinning around at the whim of the current and wind. I also use a snap shackle (available at West Marine and such) to quickly swap out weights and take them off for the roof ride back and forth.
    The beauty of a 'toon over a kayak or canoe on moving waters?... using fins and/or the weights one rarely as to swap out the rod for the paddle or oars. They are fishing machines that safely carry yourself and your gear down the river.
    As for new oars I never found the need to replace the stock Scadden oars. I make sure they are adjusted to the same lengths while using Oar-Rights for the correct orientation and also make sure that when the oar handles are positioned to touch each other over your lap the handles don't quite touch. Works for me anyhow.
    I hope some of this helps.

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