So If Obama was Weak on This?--Now Batting..



  • creekguycreekguy Senior Member Posts: 3,905 Senior Member
    Rex Tillerson's meeting with Putin is hailed as a success because "it didn't make things worse".
  • BushartBushart Senior Member Posts: 1,434 Senior Member
    Watched an interesting interview---where the speaker (Forgot his name) made a good point

    He claims---a good portion of Russia's economy depends on a big bad enemy---may be hard to hug it out
  • Shawn C.Shawn C. Senior Member Posts: 5,199 Senior Member
    Steven wrote: »
    So here's a guy who has to speak publicly everyday about myriad topics. He says one semi-stupid thing, even though everybody actually knows what he meant, and he gets torn to pieces because of it.

    A Jewish guy defending a guy who defended ****. You partisanship knows no bounds.

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