Anthony Bourdain Committed Suicide

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He was well respected in the BJJ world as one of the few celebrities that actually attended classes as opposed to just privates. He won the Master's division of the NY Open as a blue belt and was previously married to black belt elite competitor Ottavia Bourdain.


  • GoldenladleGoldenladle Super Moderator Posts: 3,771 Senior Member

    I always found him to be somewhat of a pompous, arrogant **** but I sure did like him.

    Moved to Montana, gonna be a dental floss tycoon.

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    RIP. His TV shows were entertaining. His book "Kitchen Confidential" is a great read, although it might put you off eating at restaurants for a while.

    Keep your stinkin' government hands off my Medicare.
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    This totally sucks. Love his shows, especially No Reservations. What a great, great story teller. RIP, Anthony.

  • fishingcomicfishingcomic Senior Member Posts: 21,404 Senior Member

    His philosophy was you really can get to know people by having a meal with them. His show and United Shades of America are the two best things to come out of CNN in a long time.

    'I've spoken of the Shining City all my political life. …In my mind it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, windswept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace; a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity. And if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That's how I saw it, and see it still.'" Ronald Reagan
  • WetdogWetdog Senior Member Posts: 5,101 Senior Member

    Not welcome news. note.

    I just remembered who Steven is or was. I remember fishing and eating with him several times, so much for comics observation about knowing someone when you eat with them. I remember his laugh, and some choice comments of his. Funny, it now seems that we are strangers. Hey Orvis man, I hope you have a good life.

    I find the assault on free thought disturbing,
    I find the willingness to give it up frightening.
  • SqueezlesnitsSqueezlesnits Posts: 21 Junior Member

    @Steven said:
    He was well respected in the BJJ world as one of the few celebrities that actually attended classes as opposed to just privates. He won the Master's division of the NY Open as a blue belt and was previously married to black belt elite competitor Ottavia Bourdain.

    Strange story that. He was 22 years her senior, and most people including his friends didn't understand the his attraction and say she totally used him for his money then totally cucked him for years constantly posing for selfies with young MMA's and posting them all over social networking. One guy in particular by her side in a majority of them. Supposedly she dropped out of dental school to follow or stalk an Irish rocker and ended up working menial restaurant jobs where she and Bourdain met, then one day just decided to spend all her time training for and pursuing a career in MMA fighting. I saw her a couple times on his shows, she appeared loud and overbearing to me, he just receded into the background when she was around.

    As for Bourdain himself, I couldn't possibly know him beyond his performance in front of the camera, but almost everybody who knew him or worked with him seemed to think very highly of him and loved him and credited him with many things. I think he was probably a nice guy and fun to hang with. He's had successful shows for decades now, won many awards, I used to watch them all the time, enjoyed their content, did for years, and for no qualitative reasons stopped several years ago. I'm like that not with all things, not with most things, but with lots of things, I do them for a while then I've achieved or acquired what I wanted or simply don't want what it provided anymore.

    Not to speak ill of the dead, if there is one thing I didn't like but never knew the reason for, it was that he seemed to intentionally and deliberately try to be like some Beat generation literary god....Kerouac, Bukowski, etc....he spoke in high prose pontificating on and elevating everything to the divine including the most simple and meaningless of things...and he constantly used and frequently regurgitated 'Bourdainisms' rote....WHY? Of course I couldn't possibly know but it usually hits me as greedily over reaching....and/or driven by an overinflated sense of talent, regard, or significance....

    I was surprised to hear he'd hung himself and can't fathom why....but there was the thing with his second wife Ottavia...if he loved her I imagine it would be painful and humiliating to go through what he did with her but at the same time he appeared to be in a loving relationship with Asia Argento so.....I don't know how his career was going lately, he might have peaked a while ago and was on the downhill slide....which happens with most things....and it all depneds on how you look at it, prioritize it, and deal with it....but I don't know....the one thing I do know...because I watched him for a long time and was like many gods of the Beat and Hippy generations...he was a drug addict at one time and his drug of choice was heroin....and those things can often tell you a lot about the person.....heroin takes you away to the Adventures of Little Nemo in Slumberland....I've always thought many people who used it were escaping things...going somewhere else....

    Maybe we'll find out some day...but maybe not. Rest in Peace Anthony.

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