Attn: Tim S. . .the times are a changing.

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    A friend of mine sells ArcticShield camo clothing in Canada

    One time someone wanted a refund for a jacket that burned in a campfire
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    They'll still get taken by some morons. I used to work with a guy who would get all new clothes and boots from Cabelas for hunting season. When season was over, he's send 'em back for a full refund.
    He used to brag about this practice. I always had the urge to key his car, but because I have morals I didn't.
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    they'll still honor the lifetime guarantee if the product fails - they just won't honor the scumbags
    Fly Fishing in Maine -
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    REI has toughened its policy also. **** Snowflakes.
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    It's nothing new. My first job out of the Army in 1967 was as an assistant buyer in a NYC department store. I worked in rugs and oriental carpets where it was not a problem, but in the high-fashion departments women would buy an expensive outfit - dress/gown, shoes, bag and accessories etc. - on Thursday or Friday, wear them to an event over the weekend and return them on Monday or Tuesday. All the upper-mid to high-end stores allowed this back then.
    Keep your stinkin' government hands off my Medicare.

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