Kinston, NC

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Having watched a few episodes of "A Chef's Life" we stayed overnight at the O'Neil Hotel (highly recommended), had oysters at The Boiler Room (very highly recommended, some of the best oysters I've had in recent memory and only $1 each from 4:30-6:00) and for dinner went to Chef and the Farmer, of the TV show fame (also highly recommended, although it does not fully live up to the hype it is still a very good, imaginative upscale restaurant). Another great meal was breakfast the next morning at Lovicks Cafe, a 75 yr old down home spot that reminded me of places I ate in when I was a kid visiting relatives in rural VA. Really good, southern country food that is getting harder and harder to find. (It's been a long, long time since I've had pigs' brains and scrambled eggs. :) )

If you're interested I'm writing reviews on Tripadvisor, my name there is gakpa.

The reason I'm posting this is how pleasant a surprise it was to see how Kinston has re-invented itself. We passed through there ten or twelve years ago en route to or from New Bern and Wilmington and thought it one of most depressing once-prosperous-but-now-totally-gutted places imaginable. It was depressing. What sparked Kinston's change of luck was Ms. Howard's parents bribing her and her husband to come back home to Kinston, abandoning successful restaurant careers in NYC, by funding the Chen and the Farmer. The second stroke of luck was when UNC Public Television made the "A Chef's Life" TV show about it. Every once-thriving town should be so lucky!

There's still plenty of the old run-down Kinston, but the center is alive with shops, restaurants, galleries, breweries, brewpubs and restaurants, and it seems to be expanding. Of course this brings in a very different sort of visitor and new residents to a very down-home southern town, but in my limited time there the long time locals seem to be accepting of the new ones who came to open the trend shops, antiques stores etc. We had to wait for a table at Lovick's Cafe, where almost all the patrons looked like regulars, many in work cloths or overalls and obviously familiar to the staff. Yet no one even looked askance at the rather flamboyant older man in the mink jacket having his eggs and grits.
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    Mink coat?!
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    Shawn C. wrote: »
    Mink coat?!

    Don't tell anyone else, but "rather flamboyant" is code for what used to be illegal in almost all states. And anyway, it was just a nicely cut waist length jacket, not a full length coat. :)
    Keep your stinkin' government hands off my Medicare.
  • Shawn C.Shawn C. Senior Member Posts: 5,199 Senior Member

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