Here you go, George

StevenSteven Senior MemberPosts: 1,964 Senior Member
AP reporting that Flynn will testify that then candidate Trump told him to contact the Russians.

Trump has of course denied having anything to do with the Russians.


  • Green Mt BoyGreen Mt Boy Senior Member Posts: 621 Senior Member
    Yup, Flynn is pleading guilty of lying to the FBI and is cooperating with Mueller.

    [Side note: sooo satisfying to link to CNN to support this factoid].

    The President is not toast yet, but the toaster is on.
  • George KGeorge K Super Moderator Posts: 8,450 Senior Member
    Thanks, Steven. I'm being very careful of what I wish for. The idea of "President Pence" is scarier than having a Bozo in Chief in the White House. Pence is a knee jerk reactionary, and unlike his boss, is focused and knows how to operate in the political landscape.

    Please Mr. Mueller, take your time with the investigation. You might let it wind up around the first week of January 2021, with all the indictments and unindicted co-conspirators identified around mid-October 2020. :)
    Keep your stinkin' government hands off my Medicare.
  • MikeAMikeA Senior Member Posts: 2,555 Senior Member
    Just in time for the first Woman of the White house? Ivanka? :)
  • creekguycreekguy Senior Member Posts: 3,905 Senior Member
    MikeA wrote: »
    Just in time for the first Woman of the White house? Ivanka? :)

    I wouldn't want to make book on who the next POTUS will be. Pres Oprah??

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