Why do people drive those things?

NZ IndicatorNZ Indicator Senior MemberPosts: 9,068 Senior Member
I mean look at it parked next to my Big ol' truck.

I would not want to be on the receiving end in that thing if someone ran a stop sign in a full size truck.


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  • CO NativeCO Native Senior Member Posts: 821 Senior Member
    We drove one in Germany many years ago and it was fun (never left town). Came back and was curious so did some checking.
    They are over priced, don't get that good of mileage and have to burn premium. If you could put in any old gas, get 50 mpg and buy one for $8K, then it would be worth trying for an around towner.

    This is the only reason I can think of to own one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSfgkLzuBSc
  • swizzswizz Senior Member Posts: 2,533 Senior Member
    Death trap.
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  • magallowaymagalloway Senior Member Posts: 819 Senior Member
    Several years ago, I was driving across Canada from Wisconsin to Maine and was watching my speed because of the Loonies dueling it out in the 3-lane sections. I suddenly realized that I had one of those little farkers practically up my exhaust pipe, ran my speed up 'til my knuckles turned white, and then had him pass me in the next 3-lane section. I suppose, though, they're no different from running around in a bug-eye Sprite fifty years ago.

  • George KGeorge K Super Moderator Posts: 8,366 Senior Member
    They make sense in old European cities with narrow streets. In north America they are a silly affectation. For a lot less money you can buy a larger sub-compact car that gets better mileage, is safer, more comfortable and more fun to drive.
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  • DogwoodDogwood Member Posts: 63 Member
    maybe he was the only one that could fit his car in that half spot because the guy in the truck couldn't see fit to just take up one spot?
  • StevenSteven Senior Member Posts: 1,912 Senior Member
    George K wrote: »
    They make sense in old European cities with narrow streets.

    My former sales colleagues in France would drive these. Much easier to navigate the streets and park when going from account to account. Even easier than hailing a cab.
  • FishTXFishTX Super Moderator Posts: 7,609 Senior Member
    Can't complain. I used to ride motorcycles. I am thinking about restoring mine or replacing it.
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