George KGeorge K Super ModeratorPosts: 8,286 Senior Member
Earlier he announced he would not run for re-election, now he says he may resign before his term expires.

Major premise: He's a Republican.

Minor premise: He's a conservative.

Conclusion: There's a gay sex scandal brewing.

Q.E.D. :)
Keep your stinkin' government hands off my Medicare.


  • sherbsherb Senior Member Posts: 1,518 Senior Member
    I think he enjoyed himself more as a member of the opposition party. He had subpoenas ready to go.
  • George KGeorge K Super Moderator Posts: 8,286 Senior Member
    Could be. It's much less fun when you have to take your job seriously.
    Keep your stinkin' government hands off my Medicare.
  • Shawn C.Shawn C. Senior Member Posts: 5,210 Senior Member
    He was going to lose to his primary challenger so that explains him not running. **** **** snowflake move if you ask me, but whatev...

    As far as not finishing his term? I like George's explanation. Those sexually repressed BYU types tend to end up in situations just like that. ;)

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