So a conundrum...

StevenSteven Senior MemberPosts: 1,912 Senior Member
The Trump administration, in order that any tax plan be revenue neutral, is considering doing away with the federal deduction for state and local taxes.

The two largest beneficiaries of this deduction are a)high earners and b) certain states with a lot of high-income residents.

So, if I'm a Democrat, I want to stick to the wealthy....but those states with lots of high income residents (like New York and California) tend to be Blue.


  • ricinusricinus Senior Member Posts: 6,214 Senior Member
    Has there EVER been a tax plan that is "revenue neutral"?

    My new goal in life is to become an Alter Kaker...
  • StevenSteven Senior Member Posts: 1,912 Senior Member
    Probably not, but according to the rules, you have to pretend it will be for 10 years.

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