Fernie, British Columbia

waterworkswaterworks Junior MemberPosts: 3 Junior Member
Greetings to all. Has anyone fished the Elk River in Fernie, British Columbia?


  • GoldenladleGoldenladle Super Moderator Posts: 3,741 Senior Member
    Yes and a few of the surrounding streams - specific questions?
  • waterworkswaterworks Junior Member Posts: 3 Junior Member
    Goldenladle, did you fish any other streams besides Elk River? What time of year did you fish? And, what flies were most productive? I was scheduled to make the trip this August, but had to postpone until next summer. I plan on working with an outfitter at least for the first few days.
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    I fished Michel Creek, Fording, Elk, Wigwam, Lodgepole. I was there last year about the 3rd week of August. When I was chasing the Cutts I pretty much fished three flies, gray and green drakes and hoppers. Every day at about noon the drakes come off for about 2 hours and it's pretty much stupid fish time. They go crazy. Big streamers for the Bulls.

    Word of warning if you've never fished there. There is a daily rod fee for each specific watershed you fish. For instance; if you fish the Elk or any of its tributaries there is a rod fee for that and you can't fish any other watershed unless you buy another rod fee for that watershed. Kind of a pain.
  • waterworkswaterworks Junior Member Posts: 3 Junior Member
    Thanks for the details. I'm really looking forward to my trip. My search for some good sized cutts started a few years ago. Back in the 90's, i enjoyed the cutthroat fishing that the Yellowstone offered just below Yellowstone Lake in the park. That section used to be called "Buffalo Ford". The cutts there were great, that is until the lake trout were stocked. I'm not sure if the numbers will ever get back to what they once were. Anyway, that's where my search started. I do miss those Yellowstone cutts and hopefully the Elk River and surrounding stream cutts will wet my appetite. I never fished for Bull Trout before and would love to add that to my list of fly fishing species caught.
    Thanks again!

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